Dimitris Regginos

classical guitar

Concert Programmes of Dimitris Regginos

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Concert Programme No. 1 “guitar and folk inspiration”

Total duration ~85 minutes (including a 15 min interval)
part I
8'F. Sor: Variations on “Malbrouck s'en va-t-en guerre” op.28
8'D.Regginos: Cyprus Rhapsody
3'K. Belevi: Kalenin Bedenleri
3'F. Kavallaris: N’ Anastenaxo
3'G. Moravski: Rachenitsa
3'S. Rudnev: Huturok
6'Y. Yocoh: Variations on “Sakura”
8'J. Rodrigo: Invocacion y Danza
part II
5'L. Brouwer: Dos Aires Populares Cubanos
19'H. Villa-Lobos: Suite Populaire Bresilienne (Mazurka Choro – Schottish Choro – Valsa Choro – Gavotta Choro – Chorinho)
8'A. Lauro: 4 Valses Venezolanos
4'A. Barrios Mangore: Choro da Saudade

All pieces in this programme are inspired from traditional music of a country. They either use folk themes or have a folk “flavour”. F.Sor's Malbrouck is a set of variations on a very famous tune (also known in England as “for he's a jolly good fellow” or “We won't go home until morning'). My “Cyprus Rhapsody” uses two Cyprus folk songs as the basic themes. Belevi's piece is an arrangment of a song famous in Turkey and Greece. N’ Anastenaxo is a Cyprus traditional love song used by Fairdos Kavallaris in a solo guitar piece with the same title. Moravski's “Rachenitsa” is a Bulgarian dance in 7 meter and is “very bulgarian” in character. “Hutorok” is writen by a russian guitarist-composer and great arranger of russian popular music and is based on a typical russian folk tune. “Sakura, sakura” is propably the most well-known japanese folk song and is the basis of a set of variations for guitar by Yukijiro Yocoh. Rodrigo's “Invocacion y Danza” pays homage to Manuel de Falla by quoting from his music themes of markedly Spanish character. The second part of the concert presents music by latin-american composers. Most of these works have become standards of the guitar repertoire.

Concert Programme No.2 “guitar through the centuries”

Total duration ~... minutes (including a 15 min interval)