Dimitris Regginos

classical guitar

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"Guitar Recital" (audio CD) € 6.99

Solo guitar pieces by various composers. Recorded in 2004 at the Grand Hall of the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music, Moscow. (ISMN 720301-01-3)

"Kypriaka Erotika" (2 CD set) € 24.99

The first recording of a cycle of solo guitar pieces based on traditional songs of Cyprus by Cypriot composer Faidros Kavallaris. It contains two audio CD's. One with Dimitris Regginos performing the 15 solo guitar pieces and another one with the composer singing the original songs accompanied by double-bass and percussion. A detailed booklet with photos, lyrics of all songs and other details in three languages is included. (SEISTRON 1171-2).

"Kemal Belevi" (audio CD) € 8.99

Guitar Concerto No.2 and Five Cyprian Rhapsodies by Cypriot Composer Kemal Belevi. The Seasons Moscow Chamber Orchestra. Vladislav Bulakhov, Conductor. Dimitris Regginos, Guitar.

"Kypriaka Erotika" (music score) € 12.99

A cycle of 15 solo guitar pieces by cypriot composer Faidros Kavallaris. All pieces are based on traditional Cyprus phones and, more specifically, traditional Cypriot songs whose theme is eros and it's passions, the joy and pain of love. 56 pages. (ISBN 9963-655-15-7)

"Cyprus Rhapsody" (music score) € 2.99

Cyprus Rhapsody is a piece for solo guitar, in Cypriot style. Composed in 1999 by Dimitris Regginos. It is based on two Cyprus folk songs. 7 pages. Listen to this piece perfomed by Dimitris Regginos. (ISMN 720301-00-6)

J.S.Bach: "French Suite No.6" (music score) € 3.49

French Suite No.6 by J.S. Bach (BWV 817). Transcribed for solo guitar by Dimitris Regginos. 16 pages